10 Step Solution How to Enhance Kid’s Future For Success1

10 Step Solution: How to Enhance Kids Future For Success?

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10 Step Solution How to Enhance Kid’s Future For Success

“How to enhance kids future for success?”

It is a real challenge in today’s life because in the race of earning more and more money people are forgetting their daily routines.

One of the most common routines which parents are skipping involves; not spending enough time with their kids, which results in the derailment of kids, sooner or later.

If that routine type problem is with you too and you dreaming to see your child as a super kid for future, then, it’s time for you to think and act now for a real change.

“I know all parents live with a desire to see their kid as a success icon in the future.”

Now, to make that happen, here is my 10 step solution to Enhance kids future for success:


  1. Teach them what is good and bad regarding manners.

For creating super kids, a good manner-able behavior is as much as necessary like eating food. Besides this, bad manners often results as resistance in the maturity of a kid, during growth.

For an uninterrupted, manner-able, disciplined growth and to prevent behavioral problems; make sure your kid follows the child discipline methods. Researches show that toddlers, who learn about expectations, guidelines and principles during childhood, strictly maintain self-discipline throughout their life.

  1. Make them socialized not the selfish.

Socialization is very helpful for developing a proactive kid. It keeps the air of selfishness, away from your kid. To build good social behavior in your kid, you can do couple of things;

  • Never let your kids play alone and make sure they feel adjustable with other kids and other people in the society.
  • Keep an eye on them when they play with other nearby kids to make sure they don’t learn unacceptable things from those kids.
  1. Be a friend to them not a mentor.

“Parents should be a parent first and a friend second.”

A nice beautiful line by someone, which shows us, what the real parenting is. 80% of your kid’s future depends on the quality, not on the quantity of your parenting.

Being a friend to them, help your kids to better understand this world for a great future development and you have to remember; a parent is a caretaker of child not a mentor or warden.

  1. Demonstrate them, the Significance of education.

“For a successful career base, education is like breathing part in our life the much you inhale the longer you survive to achieve success.”

During child hood our kids learn what we tell them to learn or what we demonstrate them through theoretical or practical knowledge. The things we taught them in their earlier life will remain with them forever and help them throughout their life when they need.

Here is one of the real practical examples to show any kid the importance of education;

My elder brother, who during his childhood, at the age of 8, always ran away from study.

One day my father took him to the bank, where he works as a manager. There was a servant in the bank, who at that moment was serving the drinking water to the other employees. Suddenly, my father pointed towards that servant and told my brother;

“If you don’t study, then when you grow up you will be a servant like him, not a manager like me. Education is very important for a precise life and you can see the difference between the life of an educated and an uneducated person. Now, it is up to you which type of life you want, and good for you as soon as you understand the importance of education.”

At that moment; those 6 lines had a big impact on my brother and that demonstration or you can say live example, later on resulted in the development of that guy (my brother) who today, is the CEO of one of the big companies in India.

This all happened because of the education he grabbed after understanding its importance, during childhood. That’s why; to enhance kids future, parents must show him /her, the significance of education as early as possible.

  1. Identify their field of interest.

10 Step Solution How to Enhance Kid’s Future For Success1

Interest; one of the crucial factors for success in our life. It leads you from nowhere to where you desired to reach. It works like an automated process for creating a successful Life.

For better platform and powerful career, you must identify the interest field of your kid because kids love to spend more time and are more passionate to study about their field of interest, rather than on the field with not much interest.

It is their interest, which leads them to better performance and achievement in the future. Interest promotes attention, focus and strengthens your kids hunger for a clear future in that field.

Interest also plays a key role in learning process of any kid. And we all know that, learning is that strength which sharpens everyone’s mind to create better wealth for the future.

  1. Always motivate them to do something unique.

“One of the most important characteristic of great leaders is their uniqueness, which converts them into legends.”

An early life motivation for a kid to do something exclusive is like ambrosia to become great. It is like that one life time opportunity which you must teach your kids to enhance their future.

I know, to do something extraordinary is not an easy task, as it looks like. For that, your kids must have strong base to handle the difficulties, which he will definitely face in the future and that strong base! You know it comes only from an early life motivation.

  1. Build a reading habit in them as early as possible.

Reading; one of the easiest ways to grab the infinite knowledge, available to us in this world.

“The more knowledge you pursue, the more quickly and surely you will eat the fruit of success.”

“Your Reading Habit Determines your Success Level.”

We have many examples, regarding the reading habit of succeeded people in front of us. Some of them are;

Mark Cuban – Reads more than 3hrs every day.

Bill Gates – Reads 50 books per year.

Mark Zuckerberg – Read a book every 2 weeks.

Warren Buffett – Read 600 to 1000 Pages Every day.

To enhance kids future; Parents must put some early efforts in the direction of building a reading habit in their kids. Because, once that early time has gone, then it is hard to build reading habit in kids.

  1. Never force or pressurize them.

Never force or pressurize your kids to do the things they don’t like. Because, if they don’t like, they will never like it.  Forcing someone or pressurizing someone, for the work you want them to do, creates fear in them. Fear is enough to lower the confidence and low confidence is a big reason for the derailment of kids.

Fear also; one of the biggest villains for success in anyone’s life. Parents, make sure, not to originate that villain in your kids life by forcing them towards unlike’s.

  1. To Keep them away from stress; create a healthy environment around them.

10 Step Solution How to Enhance Kid’s Future For Success by flip tomorrow

To enhance kids future; never burden your kids for studying more than their routine interest. This expectation is a real stress builder in kids and which might turn them unhealthy and angry.

“Happiness creates Good health.”

Each one of us, loves to flow in happiness and healthiness.

Kids who stay happy are more healthy and calm. Stressed kids are more likely to get sick easily.

Happiness is the best way to keep your surroundings stress free and to build a healthy environment around you. A Daily session of laughter in the morning with your kid is best way to start a stress-free day. You can accelerate that later in the day by watching or listening more laughter.

  1. One best and most important thing to enhance kids future for success; Ask questions.

Questions help parents to build active mindset and positive attitude in their kids. Asking the right questions empower their kids and makes them to get ready for future struggles.

A Question and Answer class, once in a week help parents to develop quick response in kids. Parents, who habitually do this, help them to better understand their kids.

Now, which questions parents have to ask from their kids?

Answer: The questions parents ask, should be thoughtful or fun loving. (Like; based on the relationships buildup or on their thinking about near and dear ones.)

Thoughtful questions help parents to develop useful thoughts in their kids mind and are also good for increasing desired knowledge in them. Fun questions help parents for generating kids interest in that question answer session.

In last, I want to share this with you; the above 10 step guide to enhance kids future is based on real experiences which I have learned in last 18 years of my life. All Parents must try them to see the exact results.

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