Quick Analysis of Famous Successful Personality (Mar 2016)

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In Short Bio;

Dawn Lafreeda


The CEO and president of Den-Tex Central Inc. in San Antonio. At the age of 16 Lafreeda, began her career at daney’s in Orange County, Calif. She bought her first restaurant at the age of 23 years in 1984 on credit.

Now she owns 70 of them in six states. She turned her one restaurant business into a multi-state, multi-million-dollar enterprise that employs more than 2,500 people.

After analyzing Lafreeda’s success story, we have identified the real pillars behind her achievements. Let’s proceed further and learn them in short;

In Short; Lafreeda’s Pillars Of Success

  • Her ambition to become an entrepreneur from childhood.
  • Empowerment from her mother.
  • Her ability to work non-stop.
  • Her curiousness about learning new things.
  • She never been afraid to ask for what she wants.
  • Great Combination of her dreams with focused and clear vision.
  • Full support and help from colleagues and her team.
  • Got heaps of opportunities and never deny grabbing them all.
  • Her loyalty towards work.
  • Her fearlessness and hunger for success.
  • Habit of Risk taking and hard working.
  • She knows how to handle tough situations.
  • Her passion for buying new restaurants.
  • She always move forward with thinks less and do more strategy.
  • From the beginning till today, she considers every new project as a new adventure and enjoys every single moment of her business.
  • The way she Identify problems and communicates within her business community is superb.
  • She always believes in winning the game.
  • Her dedication to give best out of best to her customers.

After Reading the above quick analysis; if you follow or build the above success pillars in your daily life then nobody or no such a thing in this world will even dare to stop you from achieving anything.

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