Passion & Obsession

Magical Power of Passion and Obsession

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Passion & Obsession


When People; start their career, are really hungry to climb the ladder of success.

Those who have patience, choose the genuine or right way to achieve success and others, who don’t have much patience, wants to achieve success by overnight or through short ways.

People choose this quick way because they don’t have that magical power of passion and obsession to guide them for achieving success through right ways.

These days’ many of them only have passion for getting rich and obsession to earn maximum amount of money ASAP, no matter by which means. In some cases they will do anything to get that money. It happens because they don’t know how to utilize or what’s the authentic power of passion and obsession through valid ways.

Anyway; passion and obsession are legitimate and very powerful factors because they both have capability to turn or change your life in whatever direction you want.

Without these two, nobody can think of achieving success in any field or any stream. Passion plays a key role in setting a goal and to achieve that goal obsession is most needed.

Passion and Obsession are one of the best positive factors, if you take them through right way and play the most negative part, if you take them through wrong way. Before building passion and obsession of your dreams you have to be careful, because once they go out of control, you cannot stop them to dominate your life.

Passion and Obsession are not by birth. You need some fire and strong commitment from yourself, to create them inside.

For grand success; “your passion and obsession must be strong“. They both play the topmost role, if you want to achieve Success and Fame, together in your life.

There are examples of many people in this world, who didn’t got special talents, but still have achieved success & fame, just because of their passion and obsession.

Always remember; “Passion and Obsession are very much important for achievements.” “Once you build them, you will surely feel their magical power inside.”

People become great leader, just because they have courage to fulfill their vision comes from passion & obsession.

“Nothing in this world is perfect. But the pursuit of perfection leads to passion and obsession.”

“They are the path of knowledge or self-knowledge and are one of the unique bases, which is capable of creating geniuses”.

Moreover; if you are looking to convert your dreams and imagination into reality then you will surely need the factual power of passion and obsession.

Lots of people don’t know that, “Passion and Obsession has almost full control on our body. It speaks to us, guides us, rules us and we obey.”

In the last; “Nothing is this world is impossible. Before you start thinking about achieving success, you will surely need the authentic power of passion and obsession to make everything possible.”

My dear friends; one of my unique lines which I say to everyone is; “Build some Passion and Obsession inside and then see the magic from your eyes.”

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Deborah Eder

Thank you for very wise words!


The truth just shines through your post.



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