Financial Success and Fame

Financial Success and Fame at your Fingertips

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Financial Success and Fame


Financial Success and Fame; Everyone has desire of these two. But only selected are capable of achieving these and you know why?

Because, they knows the perfect road for achieving financial success and fame?

Many people start their journey to achieve success, but they quit in the middle after getting no output from their hard work.

The one common reason behind this is; they don’t know how to tackle the difficult situations. That’s why they get tensed and agitated, and found it very difficult to achieve, which results in their give up.

Because of this; people of today’s world look for uncomplicated, simple and easy ways to achieve financial success and fame, which is almost impossible to do.

But don’t worry guys; In short, I got the solution of this with my easy 6 step life changing guide. This short guide has already proven positive results for one of my close friends.

Let’s go 3 years back; when I have not started blogging professionally and I use to guide my colleagues, who came to me for any advice.

Same year; Jack has started his career as a local singer. After that he had given lots of singing auditions to become a professional singer, but couldn’t get through any one of those.

Near about 2 years ago; one day Jack came to me for an advice regarding his career. During our conversation, I taught him about 6 step life changing guide of mine and told him to start working on this if he wants sure results.

From that day he kept on working according to my guide and last week he has just signed his first singing contract as a professional singer.

After signing the contract, next day he came straight to me and said, “Bhalla”; “I am very thankful to you.” Because of your guidance, the popularity of my local singing had grown to a large number and one of the recording studios has just signed me as a professional singer. My dear friend you changed my life.

At that moment; I was too happy for him and when he went back, then suddenly an idea strike in my mind, why not I write an article on this to benefit more and more people around the world?

Bearing this in mind, let’s proceed further and read those life changing Steps.

How to get Started for Financial Success & Fame:


To start up, you just need Passion and Obsession about achieving financial success and fame.

Now, choose the occupation or field you love to work in, a Desktop or Mac with an internet connection and 6 Life changing steps which I am going to teach you in this article.

My 6 Step Guide;


Step 1: Once you have chosen your occupation then the first step is to identify your customers or audience.

For example: If you are a non-fiction book writer then a fiction book reader or lover will never ever going to read your book.

Same things will happen with a businessman. If he wants to sell his products, then he must identify first, who will buy his product?

This step is very necessary for marketing and promotion of your business, product or talent you want to sell.

So, make sure you choose the right audience.

Step 2: If you want that your talent, products or business to be taken seriously then do some investment and start your own website.

Your own website makes your work more professional to the public and it’s not much expensive these days because you can start a website just for a price of less than a coffee per month. And it is easily manageable these days because of the latest online website management platforms like WordPress , Joomla and Drupal.

With these free platforms you can easily built your website by yourself, no need to waste money on expensive website building services and tools.

Step 3:  Join popular Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more because these Social Networks are free and easiest ways to promote any website, product, business or talent. 

There are lots of communities and groups on these social networks who do free promotions. Don’t forget to target the right audience for your promotion on these social networks.

“This step is more crucial because through this step you will come to know about your exact capability and how much mastery you got to attract your Audience.”

Let’s take example of my own; when I have started blogging on my personal website in May 2015, I just have 100-200 Visitors per month on my website to read my blog. 

Later on; after one month I have joined some Social Networks and started interacting with lots of people. Within 2 months, I was getting very good response and visitors on my website were continuously increasing Day by Day.

Today 70 % of visitors on my website are from these social networks. If I can do this, then every single of you is also capable of doing this.

Step 4: In the above step I have stated about social networks around the world, but it’s more important that you also use your National and Local social networks for your promotion and popularity.

You can easily find information about your national and local social networks in Google search. Join them and promote your business, talent or products by targeting right Audience.

Step 5: Join Forums because forums are the easiest ways for interaction with new peoples.

There are lots of forums on the internet related to your talent, skill, business or promotion of products. Identify first, Join them and interact with the people over there. You will surely get good help and response of people’s in forums.

Step 6: For achieving real Financial Success and Fame it is important that you spend some money for promotions.

If you have a good budget to spend for promotions then advertisement is the powerful way. Go for local paid ads first, distribute pamphlets because they are the cheapest, print your ad in newspapers and put your ads on hoardings in your city.

You can also go for paid promotions or paid ads on the internet like Google adwords, Bing ads if your pocket allows you.

One more important thing; don’t give much priority to this last step because it is used as a last option, only if you are not getting any positive results from the first 5 steps. 

In Last, my genuine advise for you is; don’t ever think of quick Financial Success and Fame because they both demands; long term patience and commitment. It may take years to get financial success and fame. But these 6 steps will ensure that your hard work will not go in vain.

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Thank You.

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