Dedication: The Exceptional Power Towards Success

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People; during their career setup, are curious about achieving success and prosperity. Some already have been searching for success from years and still in the queue to find it or more clearly I say waiting for it. Plenty, working rock like from years, but still having no signs of success close to them.

There is a big problem behind this, which I am going to disclose in this Article:

From the years of my research and experience in daily life, mostly I have heard one common question in the public;

“How to achieve success”?

And the best answer, which I got from the knowledgeable people is;

There are 3 basic keys a person must have in itself to achieve success;

“Confidence, Intelligence and Knowledge”.


That’s why, people; who are hungry for success gives priority to these 3 and keeps working on to achieve success in their whole life and that’s the one common mistake, which they surely do every-time, when they start thinking of achieving Success because these 3 are just the basic keys which everyone should have for success achievement.

There is one Exceptional & Unique Power, which everyone is forgetting and which nobody had considered yet seriously. That Power has much higher significance than, “Confidence, Intelligence and Knowledge”. Without having it in yourself, you can’t even think of achieving Success and Prosperity in life. The significance of that Power is known to only succeeded people and which in my opinion, is must needed for success.

The Exceptional Power which I am taking about and want you to know is, “Dedication”.

“Dedication is not genetic or god gifted; you will need to burn some fire inside, for its creation.”

The top succeeded people or I can say genius people in this world, who got great success, fame and financial freedom, were truly dedicated towards their work.

Now, everyone of us knows that all succeeded or legendary people are not brilliant by birth.

Then, “From where these Brilliant people come?” and

“What’s the reason behind their brilliance?”

To clearly understand the reason behind their brilliance, you need to know the exact classification of brilliance.

Brilliance, in my opinion is classified as 1% Inspiration and 99 % Dedication.

So, “Dedication” is the exact secret behind their brilliance.

Always remember; a true “Dedication” is all about “don’t ever giving up” and “don’t ever stop trying”.

 “Make Dedication your passion if you want real success”.

 “Dedication is one Exceptional & Unique Power which is capable of converting your life from rags to riches”.

“To become a master in dedication, you need to implement the total effort of you’re: heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem.”

Sometimes, I have heard from the people saying this;

“I work hard and very dedicated towards my work, but still not that much succeeded like others” and I can’t figure it out “why” and “what went wrong”?

It happens with lots of people, because they think that, “working hard is enough for a great successwhich is not true. They have to create Exceptional power of “Dedication” in them for real success.

“Dedication is the combination of Top 3 Crucial factors. That’s why this is, powerful and most significant factor for achieving success.”

Dedication” is most expensive in this real world; it might cost you a lot, may be your whole life. That’s why; only selected people were able to create it and reached their destiny.

“It is the only take to reach out and touch your dreams.” It’s a miracle of one of its kind”.

Without having “Dedication” in your work, you can’t even imagine financial success and fame.

The Basic of “Dedication” is; “you have to love what you do because you can Master what you love to do and if you don’t love what you do, then stop doing that and find something else, which you love and enjoy.”

Finally; For a sure success in your life, consider this must needed Exceptional Power first because without “Dedication” you will not reach your destination of success.

“The speed of achieving your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice”. It is “rare and precious” and is capable of breaking all the barriers which comes in your way towards success.

In the last, never forget one thing;

“You will never ever be dedicated to something if you didn’t have complete confidence in that thing”.

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Thank You.

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Digant patel

First of all thanks ,
This article is one of the best article I read in sort you explained how to get success with dedication.. Thanks a lot sir…