Quick Analysis of Famous Successful Personality (Feb 2016)

In Short Bio;

AnalysisWilliam Nobrega, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, Founder of Soteria a fast growth internet based company that is bringing disruptive insurance products using innovative technology and marketing. Also, the Founder and former Managing Partner of Conrad Group, LLC a leading botique emerging markets advisory firm.

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After seeing his world collapse around him in the summer of 2014, How he became so successful and in short, what we can learn from him? Let’s Proceed Further to Know the answers of  these questions.

Now, with our quick analysis, we have identified the pillars behind William’s success story. These pillars have played vital role during his tough journey towards success. Here we go;

In Short; William’s Pillars Of Success

  • When failed; his never stop trying and never give up attitude.
  • His exceptional thought process and unique idea generating capacity.
  • His expertise in emerging markets.
  • Opportunity in insurance business.
  • Widely identified his customers and growing demand before startup.
  • The absence of a global E-Insurance company.
  • The Latest transition of technology in mobile phones.
  • His fearless communication with investors.
  • His Effective team building strategies & experience in Army Special Forces.
  • His ability to collaborate on new methods.
  • His confidence and risk taking Attitude.

From the above pillars we can seek, inspire and learn a lot for the near future and these analysis will definitely be a positive point for us to build our own next level pillars of success.

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