I am Abhinav Bhalla, Founder and Owner of Abhinav Bhalla Flip tomorrow Founder & Ownerfliptomorrow.com.

At the age of 21; I personally discovered (or you can say innovated myself) that I am very good at guidance & because of that talent, since my college time; I am personally helping colleagues of mine to get them through complex situations by providing authentic advice to them.

After Experimenting and Experiencing almost 18 years in different fields (since I left the school), I started enjoying my life Professionally in 2015 as a Blogger, Speaker, Businessman, All Time Learner, Reader & Amazing Creative Thinker. I am simply dedicated to spread my Experience, Knowledge & Passion throughout the world with my Expressive Thought Process, Life Changing Articles & Quotes. (Read my stuff you will feel that Expressiveness).

As i am not Professional at Singing & Song Writing, but still i do that as my second devotion. Except this I am heartily passionate to Spread Happiness all around with my exceptional sense of Humor.

In 2007 for better Exploration, I went to Sydney, Australia for studying Business Management. This Exposure helped me to gain enormous amount of experience and expertise in almost every part of life.