3 Basic Keys

3 Basic Keys You Must Have For Startup

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3 Basic Keys

Before any startup; Each one of us dreams of maximum Achievements. We all try lots of ideas, motivational books and take different steps to educate ourselves but later on found no sign of  any Achievement near us. It happens because we must be lagging of one of the 3 Basic Keys Must Needed for any startup.

3 Basic Keys, which i am talking about, for any startup;


1. Intelligence.

2. Knowledge.

3. Confidence.


1. Intelligence : “Intelligence” is classified as “the power of your mind for Learning, Remembering and Recognizing things”. “Intelligence” is “non-collectible”; it is genetic by birth in human or you can say in other words; “It  is God Gifted”. Also, it is one of the most important Basic factor of all time, for any Startup and any Achievements in life.

If your level of “Intelligence” is not up to the mark then you will face lots of problems in Learning, Remembering and Recognizing things.

So, the moral is; with the lack of “Intelligence” you will not be able to proceed further for achieving anything in life.


2. Knowledge : As far as “Knowledge” is concerned, in simple words, “It is the information stored in your mind about all living and non-living things in this real world”.

Lots of people have confusion regarding Intelligence and Knowledge. Many of them doesn’t even know the exact Classification or Difference between them. Mostly people think that, they both are exactly the same. But, this is not true and when somebody asks me about them, then with my experience I answer that;

“Knowledge” is “collectible” and you can increase your “Knowledge” at any moment by learning things in this real world but not the “Intelligence” because it is “genetic by birth” and “non-collectible”.

3.Confidence : “Confidence” can be inbuilt or you can build it from other sources because today’s life is so expandable and you will find lots of ways to build “Confidence” in yourself through motivational seminars, personality development courses. You can also do it by yourself, by going through heaps of books in the market, thousands of online blogs and online courses for that.

                                                 One important thing; The lack of “Intelligence” will result in lack of “Knowledge and Confidence” and lack of “knowledge and confidence” will result in a Failure. As you can see here they all are strongly linked to each other and without having any one of these 3 Basic Keys, you can’t even think of any startup.

                               Finally; After startup, your all Achievements depends very much on the amount of knowledge you have. More knowledge will automatically result in more Confidence and this will also maximize your chances for Achievements. These days, anyone with some “Intelligence and Knowledge” is running to get “Confidence” for a successful career, but you must take these 3 Basic Keys in Consideration, before thinking up of any startup.

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