25 Essential Qualities to Become Excellent In Your Job

25 Essential Qualities to become Excellent in your Job

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25 Essential Qualities to become Excellent in your Job from Abhinav Bhalla – Learn Today and Change Tomorrow

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
                                                 A quality quote from Steve Jobs.


To become an out-performer in job, only hard work is not necessary, we must show our super and Essential Qualities.

With each and every new employer, we all have desire to become an excellent employee but sometimes, it is not that much easier as we think.


Let’s go back in 2006, when I have just started working as call center executive. The job was for selling calling cards and my first month was not really well, regarding selling. But couple of the other guys or more clearly I say, my competitors, who have joined with me were doing better.


The reason for this was; from the first week of joining, our team leader was paying more attention towards them instead of me. I don’t know why, but I was really curious to know the reason of this escort behavior of my team leader, to my competitors.


Next day; I have begun to spoken with my other nearby colleagues about this all and the things which they taught me were not the shocking ones. They simply asked me one single question;

Do you have those must essential qualities to show yourself excellent from others?

And I was blank at that moment because I have no answer of that quality question. That whole day I was really angry with myself, “Why I haven’t thought about this simple thing before.”


That one simple question has given the answers of my lot of questions and as a result of that, at the dawn, I decided to learn those job related essential qualities by myself which I was lagging from the first day of my joining.

To accelerate my learning experience; I have decided to monitor my competitors (which includes study of their behavior and their throughout the day activity). Except this, I will also use some books and internet search for quick learning.


The outcome of this all came within a week and I have identified near about 25 essential qualities, which I haven’t learned from the past 4 years after completion of my diploma.


During the next couple of months; this learning experience made me one of the bestseller in the entire call center.

Those essential qualities had converted me from an opportunistic to an excellent employee in a reputed firm and that’s why, every single job seeker or employee should learn those essential qualities, if he or she wants to become excellent in his or her job.


My dear friends; Scroll Down for those 25 Essential Qualities which I have learned and developed during my 2nd job and which you should Learn and develop to become an Excellent Employee:


  1. Confidence and Power in your Communication.
  2. Unforgettable and Relaxed Eye-contact.
  3. Fearlessness in every field.
  4. Always Believe in Satisfaction.
  5. Show super respect on daily basis, to each one you meet.
  6. Time Delivery should be your first Priority.
  7. First impression must be Eye-catcher.
  8. All time curious learner.
  9. Be passionately positive in your work.
  10. Always show your presence everywhere.
  11. Stamina must be durable.
  12. Never Show-off.
  13. Reflect Formal Attitude.
  14. Follower of Simplicity.
  15. Deliver good Explanation with full Clarity in every Presentation.
  16. Must not greedy to steal others work.
  17. Never talk useless, always speak to the point.
  18. Master of self-control.
  19. Truly Dedicated.
  20. Be affirmative.
  21. Should have tough will for handling difficult situations.
  22. Strong Relationship Builder with Employees.
  23. Enthusiasm to reach at top with capability.
  24. Have clear Vision with great Focus.
  25. Keep yourself away from getting over-smart by downgrading other colleagues.

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