First Year Blogging Mistakes Made By Me

15 Unexpected Blogging Mistakes made by me in first year

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Blogging; One of the most popular platforms to express your feelings, knowledge and experience with the world.


Overall; for a new blogger sometimes it is questionable, like;

  • After working hard on my blog, still I am not up to the desired level for attracting and entertaining new users. Why this all is happening?
  • How come, I am not receiving comments and gaining the expected subscribers?
  • I don’t know why my bounce rate is very high?
  • What’s the reason; my follower numbers are still frozen and my content is not getting likes and shares on the social networks?
  • And the last one; why I am far beyond to compete with the other Blogs?


These questions arises in mostly blog beginners and it happens with them because of many reasons or more clearly I can say a list of unexpected blogging mistakes from their side which they skipped to identify.

Like me; It has taken me almost 1 year to identify, why and where I am going wrong and what’s the reason of my first blog’s failure?


Except this; it doesn’t matter how much passionate you are for your blog because in front of your unexpected blogging mistakes your passion is just a waste of time or more positively and professionally I can say, a good experience which you can gain from your mistakes.


Moreover; this blogging world will definitely rewards you if you are on the right track and may squeeze you if you go wrong by making never-ending unexpected blogging Mistakes.


So today; for the benefit of blogging community, I have written these 15 unexpected blogging mistakes from my 1 year experience. Learn them and secure your blogging future by never performing these unexpected blogging mistakes.


First Year Blogging Mistakes Made by me


My 15 unexpected blogging Mistakes which every blogger must avoid in first year, to make his blog a big hit;


1. Instead of focusing on one or two social networks at once, I wasted my time on almost 7 of them. That’s why; I didn’t left with much output from them.

(This is the reason why big blogs only focus on main social networks, minimum 2 and maximum 4 of them)


2. Not designed my website according to professional standards.

(Navigation was poor and design was worst)


3. I was continuously making the common blogging mistake of not constantly posting the fresh content.

(Doing 1 single post in a month was far enough to attract users. Stick to one post a week is must and enough to entertain your viewers)


4. Didn’t researched on which articles are popular in my niche.

(keyword and content research is must for you if you want to be a successful blogger in any field)


5. Posted content without deeply reviewing it.

(Just typed and read it once is not enough to identify your writing mistakes and grammar errors. You have to read it until you think; no changes were needed anymore)


6. A Common mistake of writing short posts 300-400words.

(Forbes ideal length for submission of a blog post is between 850 – 1000 words because people love to read and share posts between, 800-1500 words and lengthy posts are also good for higher SEO results)


7. Don’t know exactly how to structure my articles to ease the reading.

(If your content is not easy to read, Like; the font size is too small, images are not of good quality, no clear headings etc, then user will quickly skip from your website adding more value to your bounce rate)


8. Instead of writing lists Posts (Top 10 type) I have written lengthy paragraphs posts.

(Lists posts are most popular these days. They go viral quickly)


9. After identifying that I am very good or you can say specialize in writing empowering quotes, it taken me about 10 months, to fully utilize them on my website.

(If you are master at something you need to take that in consideration first because your mastery got the power to convert your passion into success. Click here to get empowered with my quotes)


10. One of my huge mistakes was not publishing any video posts.

(People are Crazy to watch and share videos these days and YouTube is one of the most popular social networks and will provide heaps of traffic to your website if your video is unique and amazing)


11. My author bio was really sucking.

(or May be the suckiest one during that time and that’s the reason why people vanishes from my website without connecting with me on social networks)


12. At the startup, big mistake of not to offer any free gift or any free special stuff (Like free e-book) to grab the attention of people and convert them into subscribers.

(This one; I consider, somewhat like bribing users for your benefit. People loved to get bribed and that’s why they subscribe quickly)


13. Not given much priority to any visual posts or slide shows so that Instead of getting bored, readers can enjoy my posts.

(Visual posts and slide shows are more popular than written content these days and slideshare is one of the popular platforms for posting slide shows to gets more likes and shares)


14. My domain name and social network user names were not catchy.

(First domain name: ; simple but not the catchy one. Now: ; looks catchy and attractive).


15. Instead of writing new content, I was focusing more on how to generate revenue from my new blog and see, as a result of that, what I got is a failed blog.

(Because this step converts your normal blog into a business blog and when new readers land on your blog they see ads, instead of fresh content and ran away straight and will never come back again. Display Ad works when you are either a content hub or your blog is getting hundreds of readers daily)


16. The worst and most prior one; It taken me almost a year to identify my above unexpected blogging mistakes.


The last one is a value added from my side and is more significant than all because if I have successfully identified them earlier, then the story would be different and as a positive side, if that all didn’t happened earlier, then I am not writing this blog post to create more awareness in the blogging world.


Remember; “don’t get harsh from your unexpected blogging mistakes, take them as a learning experience to maximize your future and start with a new bang.”

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I am planning to start new blog. Now after reading this article I know what to do to make my blog a great success. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is really helpful for the people, Like me who have just started or planning to start a new blog.